INP promotes the application of our theories through extensive field-testing projects.

Global Curriculum

The Global Curriculum on Conflict Management provides a common framework and tool set for current and future leaders, with the goal of fostering a sustainable peace at all levels of society. The curriculum combines firsthand accounts of global peacemakers with innovative strategies for negotiating differences.

Middle East Efforts

INP is committed to the vision of a peaceful and prosperous Middle East. INP faculty are spreading cutting-edge negotiation skills to some of the key leadership across the Middle East. Recent INP workshops and consultations have been held in Abu Dhabi, Amman, Cairo, Doha, Dubai, Haifa, and Sharm El-Sheikh, among other locations.

Art of Negotiation

INP has partnered with internationally-renowned Brazilian-born artist Romero Britto. Projects, including art collaborations and joint work on a book, explore ways of using art to promote deeper understanding of the principles of conflict management.

Psychology of Conflict

INP developed the Psychology of Conflict Working Group to better understand the role of identity and emotions in conflict resolution. The group is exploring “how to negotiate the sacred”: how to help parties negotiate when identity beliefs are at stake.

The following are long-term projects that INP has worked on in the past.

Global Agenda Council

The Global Agenda Council on Conflict Prevention met in Dubai as part of the inaugural Summit on the Global Agenda. Their report, which discusses the nature of modern conflict and the effects of the economic crisis with regards to conflict resolution, can be read here.

International Justice

INP served as an adviser to the International Criminal Court. INP helped the ICC recognize that in the many situations of ongoing hostilities in which the ICC becomes involved, purely seeking international justice in the narrow sense might exacerbate conflict on the ground. INP collaborated in building a Conflict Assessment Instrument for use by the Court.